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Created by the Wizard from bit-and-bobs, a splash of magic and a whole lot of love, you must explore the Tower and clean up all the mess you can find. Discover cozy, eclectic environments and use objects to reach new heights of trash no one thought you could. Be careful though, you’ll need to listen out for antisocial monsters who may not want you getting too close. Cleaning awaits!

This is an early development build for our upcoming game, Moppit. Check out our twitter @TripleWizards for more updates!



  • WASD = Move
  • Mouse controls camera
  • Space = Jump
  • E = Pick up mess objects
  • R = Throw mess objects
  • Q = Equip Mop
  • Escape = pause

Controller (Xbox PC & PS4 Mac only respectively)

  • Left stick = Move
  • Right stick controls camera
  • A = Jump
  • B = Pick up  mess objects
  • Y = Throw mess objects
  • X = Equip mop
  • Start = pause

Known Bugs:

- Cubes clipping through walls.

- Jump animation plays while falling


Moppit.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

Download Executable to play.

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